Below you will see before, during and after photos of some current and past projects. Each job is unique because each situation is unique. We do our best to accommodate our clients vision based on a thorough site analysis and an eye for solid design principles.

Sunken Patio

What a mess this new homeowner bought into. However, he didn't let a pile of bricks left behind by the previous owner or the deep depression of a removed swimming pool scare him. Instead he worked with what he had to create this beautiful "sunken patio" with brick walled beds. The entryway leading to the backyard needed some help too. Adding the decorative arbor, fence and perennials really gave the space a "wow" factor. The cluttered and unappealing side garage area needed attention as well. Adding trellises, hostas and a birdhouse collection really made this space sing.


Backyard Blah to Beautiful

This very shaded area contained a jumbled mess of perennials and was in dire need of a makeover. I started by re-shaping and edging the bed. Next I amended the soil, divided and re-arranged some of the existing perennials; also adding some new ones. I finished by adding colorful annuals to brighten the bed and give a "pop" of all summer color.


Lively Lamp Post Garden

Originally, the corner bed was much smaller. You can tell by where the Iris stops...that was the edige of the bed. The first photo is after I had enlarged it and removed the sod. I then removed the Iris and transplanted elsewhere. Next the soil was amended. The stone edging was set into place; new plants were installed according to the design I developed and a layer of double-grind hardwood mulch.


Condo Creation

Living in a condo didn't deter this garden love from having a front bed full of color. Once the "cookie cutter–condo" plantings and stone edging were removed, this old bed was given new life. My new design involved re-shaping, enlarging and removing some sod. After the soil was amended, the new planting went in. We added a trellis and clematis for vertical interest.


From Frustrated to Fulfilled

Not knowing which way to turn, this family called me for help, design ideas and support. Things were dying, getting invasive (groundcover and ostrich ferns) and just not looking the way they wanted. The whole front was removed, with the exception of the fountain. I proposed a design that would change all that. Cory and his crew placed the boulder wall, added the necessary fill (50/50 compost and topsoil mix) then did the "big" planting. Meaning the "Purple Leaf Eastern Redbud", Serviceberry, Boxwoods, BerriMagic Holly and Blue Mist Spirea. I finished up with all the "pretty detail plants". Roses, Lavendar, Goat's Beard, Daylilies, Russian Sage, Cone Flower and Lady's Mantle. There were also a window box added that I filled with annuals.

After 1


Private to Public

Overgrown evergreens can really swallow a house. Don't believe me, here's proof. This is an example of planting the cute little tree or shrub, planting it right next to the house and thinking it won't actually GROW to the size it says it will. Always remember..."Right Plant, Right Place". The new owners however, enjoyed the privacy of the Blue Spruce however, the other outdated, over-sized evergreens had to go. So did the tiny porch and walkway. My solution...a new side porch and brick paved walkway and a new landscape to compliment them. I found this very unusual "fan shaped" patterned brick paver that the people absolutely loved. My subcontractor on the other hand, just about had a fit. However, Cory and his crew did a GREAT job! They also installed the vinyl "corner fence" near the lamp post. The project is evolving so I'll add new photos as we go.


Front Walk

An example of what may have been another "lamp post" project is the focus of these photos. After assessing the situation, I designed a change for the walkway and front bed. First up, we removed the cement walkway, edging and brick around the lamp post. Next came the removal of the old Yew evergreens and reshaping of the walk and front bed. New evergreens (Holly/Boxwoods), perennials (Sedum/Roses/Daylily/Varigated Sedge/Mums) and annuals finish the look.