Sandra HealeyEarthenjoy seeks to educate, empower, encourage and support homeowners seeking to realize success with their landscape. We offer high quality service regarding consultations, maintenance, flowerbed (perennials & annuals) prep & planting.

Earthenjoy Flowerscaping L.L.C. is a professional gardening company that was started in 2001. Prior to starting the company, I worked for 15 years in the graphic arts field.

Gardening had been a hobby of mine for 10 years before I began studying it seriously in 1998. I began my quest for garden knowledge by enrolling in the Master Gardener Program through the Michigan State University Extension Office and was certified in 1999. I then followed up that certification in 2000 and received an advanced certificate as well, a status which I renew yearly. While doing the Master Gardener Program I was also enrolled in intensive classes at the Michigan School of Gardening that would award me with a certificate of Gardening of Fine Arts. This was a 2-year program that included testing by demonstration of skills in an apprenticeship setting, that means being in the field doing real jobs. Being involved with both programs enabled me to really get a clear understanding of principals (Michigan School of Gardening’s hands-on approach & Master Gardener’s volunteer experience) that I may have missed otherwise.

To stay true to Master Gardeners beliefs in educating the public and community volunteering, I do my part as a public speaker on various landscape and gardening topics, my specialty being perennials. I especially enjoy doing these presentations because they allow me to serve others and hear what they are interested in regarding their home gardens and landscapes. It is a learning experience for both of us. That is one of the main reasons I got so involved in gardening in the first place it’s something different every day and I will be learning about plants and the earth until the day I’m buried in it!