I would be honored for you to invite me to come and speak to your group or in your community. I’m a perennial specialist however I’m always willing to meet the needs of people wanting to learn by developing new material or re-arranging what I already have.

Subjects Includes:

  • Garden Maintenance – Interactive/YOUR
    Questions Addressed
  • Spring/Fall Clean-up
  • Spring Pruning – March/Dormant…
    Trees & Shrubs (Demo’s of What/Where/
    When to cut & what NOT to cut)
  • Sun & Shades Perennials
  • General Info Annuals/Perennials – Beginner Gardners
  • General Info fo Perennial/Annuals – Choosing/Division etc.
  • Perennial/Annual Plant Selection – Best bargain for your $$$
  • Budget Gardening
  • Garden Design – Step-by-Step
  • Garden Renovation – Complete or partial areas
  • Floral/Design and Arrangements – From your own garden

Contact me via e-mail at sandra@earthenjoy.com or call (734) 416-0866 and ask for Sandra. I look forward to speaking at your next event!