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Over-wintered “Oh-For-Sure”

Here’s an awesome tropical “over-wintering” success story. In the June 2010 issue of my Earthly Elements newsletter I wrote about how to over-winter ornamental banana plants. Well, one of my clients did just that. He did take some in as winter “houseplants” then HEAVILY mulched the ones he left outside. Come spring 2011, (which for us in zone 5 was one of the coldest, wettest, worst springs since the 1800’s) & this is what he got! Check this photo out! What we learned from this experience is that when a tropical like this comes back in spring, it’s NOT from the main “mother plant”, but from the OUTSIDE edges where the “babies” are. Very interesting & a good “heads up” lesson for anyone wanting to give this a go! GOOD LUCK!


'Cushion Spurge' Euphorbia.
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