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Talk To ME!

Sorry for the looooong delay in writing, but I’ve been VERY busy trying to wrap up the season, & kinda discouraged from posting. This being my 7th post, I thought it the perfect time, (7 is a perfect number after all), to ask something of YOU my readers. When sending me a comment regarding a “favored” post, BE SPECIFIC about the topic & talk back to ME THE WRITER!! To help you do this, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, T. E. D. What he stands for is very simple.

T….TELL me about how the post helped with a problem or concern YOU were having.

E….EXPLAIN to me your gardening dilemma & how you were able to solve it using the info you learned from the post.

D…. DESCRIBE what the post meant to you & why you would recommend it & the Earthenjoy website to others.

I sincerely appreciate & value YOUR taking the time to do this. Perhaps then we may be able to begin/maintain a good dialog that could be beneficial to MANY others! I DO pay attention to, & welcome your comments. (As a matter of fact, the 2 articles with the most posts are “Mulch Much” (my personal favorite) followed by “Weed of the Year…2011” SEEEEE….I DO pay attention)! So, when you send me comments about new posts, please choose to accept T. E. D. as your friend too. Otherwise I’ll have no choice but to consider your response a form of SPAM & delete it.


Mulch Much??

Un..beee…leeeeive…able!! This is the WORST mulch job I have ever seen in my 15 year career! It was sooooo bad…. that I noticed it as I drove by at 40 mph! Being the curious gardener that I am, I had to turn around, check this out & get some photos. I surely hope that the company who did this, just doesn’t know any better. As far as my standards go, this is COMPETELY unacceptable. Was the shredder/grinder broken or were the blades in need of changing? Did anyone check to see if the shredder/grinder even had blades?! I was just wondering because DAMN! Some of these pieces are so incredibly HUGE! I’ve never seen anything like this. I’m not even sure what kind of wood was used, but to the credit of the company who spread it, at least it’s NOT chipped/shredded/dyed pallets! Thank God for that! Homeowners BEWARE! If a company shows up at your house with mulch like this, don’t even let them drop it in your driveway! Please know that as a customer, you have the right to request a SAMPLE of the type of mulch that will be used in your landscape. You also have the right to refuse junk like this!


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