Flower Scaping — The art of turning your yard into a spectacular garden of color, texture, sights and scents through the creative use of flowers – both annuals and perennials.

Are you Time Challenged? If having a yard you love coming home to seems impossible due to time constraints (work & family) Earthenjoy understands. Maybe an hour a week is all that’s needed to keep your plants looking their best.

Would You Call Yourself A Do-It-Yourselfer? Maybe a 1 to 2 hour consultation with a Professional Gardener is all you need. We can help identify and catalog all the plant material on your property, provide a maintenance schedule and suggest design alternatives for your particular situation.

The Special Needs Gardener. If you love being outside and taking care of your property, but age or physical limitations prevent you from caring for your yard the way you used to, Earthenjoy can help. We will provide assistance, based on your goals to make your home look the best it can.

The Beginner. Have you recently taken up an interest in gardening, or are you a first time homeowner? The local nursery has hundreds of plants to offer you but which ones are right for you? Fortunately you don’t need hundreds of plants to have a beautiful yard. Just a few well chosen ones are all you need for your own little piece of paradise.

Earthenjoy specializes in helping homeowners create a yard they love to come home to.